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2021. 01. 06·


Formulate business and sale plans in response to anticipated economic, technological and market trends

Continually focus on developing the business through building customer relationship and ensuring that resources are prepared to manage this growth i.e. a robust but realistic succession plan in place

Identifies tracks and influences KPI’s and financial performance metrics to deliver required performance level

Account support including non-line management operations support, site visits, coaching, reality check verification of account functionality, query and dispute resolution

Lead or support as appropriate, tender bid activity including sale and operational resourcing, challenge and sign off country solution, document and commercial reviews and presentation standard

Ensure S1/O1 fundamentals pricing verification are completed effectively based on local knowledge

Ensure robust contract reviews by AGMs/ADs with challenge of detail and used as coaching opportunities

Supports the achievement of Dark Green on accounts and is viewed as adding value by regional and global Account Directors

Take such actions to cause the entities to meet their legal and regulatory obligations and the duties of the Board, including termination of staff in relation to breaches of Compliance, HSE, fiduciary, and legal obligations.



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People Management 역량



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영문 CV-최종연봉 포함 (자유양식의 워드파일)




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